Our Approach

The main aim here at Selection Desk is to provide quality education in terms of building concepts and not just merely provide sheets and workbook for cramming. The study planner for the entire course duration is designed in such a manner that the linked subjects are focused on initial grounds and then delivered the subject on the linked basis as the question in GATE are in linked format collaborating two or more concept from 2 or more subjects.

The approach of classroom program is designed in such a way that exam-oriented questions are practised during the concept building in the class itself rather than following just the curriculum. We ensure every session to be fruitful and competitive for every student. The sole motive of each session is to extract the best out of students. He/She should be able to effectively solve questions with unique techniques and build self-confidence in the student.

"Rome was not built in a Day" going by this we need consistency, perseverance, hard work and confidence in students aspiring for a bright future in PSUs, Government Sectors (ES, JEn, AEn etc.). This will, in turn, improves the potential of students in solving problems while writing the real exam. In addition to the effective problem-solving techniques and regular practice sessions, the bunch of question banks and comprehensive class notes provided to students help them in getting handy abridged notes during the revision for exams.

The unlimited questions practice program, conducted by the Institute on a regular basis, enables the students to feel the level of the upcoming exams and improve their ability to select and solve questions, improving the overall result. 

We believe in overall concept building of all the subjects to let the student enrol in any engineering exams and achieve heights. Any exam will have a common syllabus of all the departments respectively and thereby have a thorough knowledge of the subject will let you solve questions within prescribed time period. 

With this approach, we have gained trust and appreciation of engineering students and hence our coaching is the "Benchmark of Success" for ESE, GATEPSUs, SSC-JEn, JEn/AEn etc., 

Meet Selection Desk Team

Welcome to the Selection Desk's dynamic team which work hard to make your "Success & Dreams Come True". We are a team of Young and Energetic Professional who came together and established this institute.


Ekant Yadav



Shivani Soni

Director & Co-Founder