I’m so glad you found it helpful, Julie! Thank you for providing this great opportunity to try some new products! Hope that helps, Rosy! Best for Bible Journaling: Pigma Micron Bible Study Kit . Yay! In July ordered the clear gesso that Rebekah Jones uses but it’s on back order. What a wonderful and generous giveaway! I love art journaling and have wanted to get into Bible Art Journaling but the journals are always sold out. I’ve had my eye on these Bibles for-EVER! Now our little mother-daughter Bible study is doing a book together on the names of God, and our ongoing crafty activity is to keep a journal of what we’re learning…You would have loved it…a table full of 3-5 graders up to their elbows in washi tape and journaling pens! My 20 Favorite Journaling Bible Supplies. I would love to try the gel or the Staz and the pens the Alpha letters oh my to many to pic just love to try them all. Thanks for the inspiration. This is where I really need to work hard to curb my instinct to “buy-all-the-things.”  But I recommend buying a few packs with lots of variety that will serve you well in multiple layouts and with a variety of color schemes. Thank you for your generosity! My comic book bible, my Dad and I read something like 8 times over…but I need to get on the “read the bible in a year” challenge. I’d love to give the Twistables Colored Pencils a try! What a gift you have. Love all the “craft supplies”. And I love that you want to dive in and be a part of it, Jessica. I should add that as an option! Love this creative way of praise & worship!! And you motivate me to open my laptop each day and build a corner of the interwebs that is a safe space for creative risk-taking. I would love to try any of these supplies. A.MAZ.ING! Your Bible is gorgeous!! Peerless Watercolors: I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about how vibrant these watercolors are, and I’m fascinated by the fact that they come in little sheets from which you pull the color using a wet brush. I just love supplies that get my inspiration flowing. I think I’m most excited about the tab punch and paints, well, and everything really! I recommend working outside when spritzing, and cover up anything you don’t want misted. Pray that I’ll be brave enough to worship the Lord without fear that my entries won’t be good enough. It leaves faint marks I can then trace with my pen. G.T. Thank you, again! I would love to win this awesome giveaway. Looking forward to many more! I’ve always just used pencil crayons in my regular Bible. I’d love the journaling Bible. Start by giving myself permission. This would be a great way to go about it. Congratulations on 3 years, Lauren! I always just shadow the left and top edges of lettering…though you could do the right and bottom instead. Happy Anniversary! I personally can’t wait to learn how to make tabs!! Wow! I can’t get enough! And I love that this prize pack would push you to experiment with so many new mediums. And I’m always glad I did because I’ve saved myself from running out of room or a misspelling. I honestly wouldn’t even use the gesso without a heat gun. I just bought an E.S.V. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, enter, and comment, Kay! They are waterproof (so you can paint on them without them smearing) and they do not bleed through the page! . I use pencil to pre-draw nearly every layout I do…whether it’s on a separate sheet of paper beside my Bible or on the page itself. I have been wanting to purchase one, just haven’t done so yet. Yours was so evident! God Bless you!!! I’m slightly obsessed with them and have at least four sets that all get frequent use, both in my Bible and beyond. Our assortment of Illustrated Faith Bible journaling materials includes everything from cheerful washi tapes to expansive devotional kits—your options for creativity will be limitless. It is absolutely gorgeous!! For more on how to get started with Bible journaling, check out this post for beginners and this post about the top supplies for getting started. Scribbling Grace is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. I love this post! Mary. . A Journaling Bible is a Bible specifically made for note-taking and journaling. This is probably my favorite step of the process. Thanks for the inspiration! I am really struggling with the fear of messing up. Today I used some acrylics and stickers I already had on notebook paper and I would love to keep going. Journaling our way through! Loved how you described your eagerness to try out gelatos. Wow! This is a beautiful inspiration and I can’t wait to dive into it! xoxo. Again, you do not need any fancy colored pencils to get started! I hope to someday have a collection as great as yours. (Also, my middle name is very similar to your name. We took a break for the summer. For some light reading, check out the rest of the giveaway terms and conditions in the Rafflecopter widget below. Blessings to you, Oh, that tab punch, for sure! I am hoping to get a journaling Bible soon! It brings a smile to my face to know you’ve found sparks of inspiration here to creatively express your faith in Jesus…and I am excited FOR you to get your hands on a Journaling Bible. I would love to have a Pitt Big Brush pen (and wish good penmanship came with it)! They have both a brush tip and a fine line tip and are water-based, as well as blendable. Thanks for splashing the internet with your overflow. That’s so exciting, Bree! Remember, you do not need to be making super fancy pages with a bunch of expensive supplies to spend some great journaling worship with the Lord! I love your blog! Especially with names like Kiwi, Butter Cream, Guava, Elderberry, and Watermelon. Hi Lauren! Here are a few of my favorites: labels | borders | clear stickers | shapes. Such an exciting blend of God’s Word and creativity…which comes from Him anyway, so it’s a match made in heaven. You’re welcome, Sue! If you are at all worried about bleed-through or your page tearing, it never hurts to prep. You have inspired me in many ways! First of all I want to say a huge Congrats to you on your 3rd year blogiversary! I love it! I’ve always felt that being crafty can be God-honoring simply because we are using our God-given creativity. I’m still not sure about using and adorning a journaling Bible but from reading your posts it sure seems as though it’s a wonderful pathway for better understanding the Bible’s verses. Following your link right after this to the Faber-Castel pastel Gelatos, look so interesting, love the colors! I love looking at your posts, and love love love art supplies of all kinds. Also, I received word from Crossway that they have several new Journaling Bible editions coming out. Congratulations on your 3 year blogiversary. I have been wanting this Bible ever since I read your blogs about journaling. I hope to be able to try Gelatos one day too. What is the best or most effective way to trace images on to my pages? There are lots of great Bible Journalers who are sharing their favorite techniques over there. Mister Huey’s can have a mind of his own sometimes! Bible journalers use paint, watercolors, stickers, tracings, and more to decorate their journaling Bibles. I have a post about all my favorite pens to use as well! It really has worked wonders for me. I am happy to have found you through Pinterest! I read your “Permissions Page” post when I first started bible art journaling in April, and my first pages were inspired by that. I have many of those supplies, too. I would most like to try the gelatos! Hope you get your hands on a Journaling Bible soon! I was wondering about the Staedtler pens. My pack of 6 Staedtlers are great for detailed lettering and have very minimal bleed-through (it’s more like a faint shadow on the other side). It’s amazing how much improvement you’ll see with a little practice. Thank you so much for this! I’m going to get really deep for just a sec. This post is so helpful! *Full Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase after clicking through, The Thinking Closet may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I have tried other types of sticker paper, and these mailing labels are by far the best and easiest to work with. Me, too! I’d like to brave enough to try the stayz on ink on top of paint!!! Everyone raves about them! What is this Journaling Bible movement you speak of? I hope they bring you as much joy and creativity as they have for me. . Your work is beautiful and inspiring! Congratulations on your 3 year anniversary! Thanks for supporting this site! And craft supplies like paint and washi tape and sticker letters were all fair game for engaging with scripture in a new and vibrant way! Love your blog and journaled pages!! Go Joyce! And Clear gesso??? I would LOVE an actual journaling Bible! Thanks for entering, Linda! I first learned about Bible journaling through you! …so, thanks again…I’ll add my congrats on three years of blogging to the many who’ve already commented. Your blog is such a great resource and inspiration. https://www.thinkingcloset.com/2015/04/03/permission-pages-a-perfectionists-approach-to-the-journaling-bible/ It was such a helpful exercise for me to free myself of the paralysis that comes with perfectionism in order to get to what this is really about: encountering God and His gospel message in a creative, new way. Hugs! I love pastels! It’s on my list! Your Bible pages are lovely. In encourages boldness and risk-taking. What a timely giveaway! I’ve picked up my reading lately and I’d love to start drawing in it as well. Thank you so much. Hi there ! Thanks for the tip, Gabrielle. . I love your ideas, the different supplies you use and the fact that you stressed how easy it was even for those that aren’t artistic. I like the cream color of the pages and the single-column format, which makes reading and underlining easier. Your email address will not be published. I have been looking, watching and wanting to try bible journaling but am intimidated by it a little. I genuinely hope that this space continous to bring you joy and excitement, but mostly because I’m selfish and I want to keep seeing you around Hugs & love! Thanks for the chance! These supplies can do that, can’t they? Thank you for sharing your journal and your journey. Add To Cart Add To Wishlist. Huzzah! Remembers for acrylics, you don’t need to go out and buy a whole bunch- you can always mix paints to create all kinds of colors! Sad-face for my international friends. So glad I found you on Pinterest! My faith in the Lord and humanity was tested at a level I was not prepared for. Interesting thought, Heather. I’m a big fan of washi tape, too. Bible Journaling Kit. And I finished up that scope feeling refreshed in my soul. All you really need to get started is a Bible, something to write with, and God. I’m excited for you. It’s time to celebrate my third blogiversary with some fab prizes for my fab readers. What a cool idea!! I love these products and would be amazing to try for sure. I even purchased a few things off it! In my journey, I have tried a lot of different supplies. You are too much fun ? Read all the fine print here. The sticker aisle at Hobby Lobby is the equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle for me…and I can get lost there for hours at a time, perusing the variety of border, banner, shape, and phrase stickers to embellish my pages. If I can make you smile or ignite in you a spark of inspiration, then my job is done here. Love your blog, Lauren. Two will receive the new editions fresh off the Crossway printing press, which you can peek at here: Summer Garden | Antique Floral | Classic Marbled | Cloth Over Board. You have a beautiful blog, so glad I stumbled upon it. Thanks for this awesome giveaway! Would love to try gelatos! Just be consistent. So cool. Amazing 3 years, Lauren! I hope your day is made, Jamie, and that you get your doodling hands on a Journaling Bible of your own soon. Congrats, my friend and thank you for the giveaway!! A fun and informative blog. Here’s what I received: Bible Journaling Coloring Stickers . They’re tiny enough that you can tackle longer words in your margin without spilling over…plus, they’ve got a fun retro vibe goin’ on, and I feel like the match any color scheme. Though it’s fun to dream and scheme about the latest and greatest craft supplies to try, there’s so much we can do with what we already have. And always put a piece of cardstock behind your page to protect the others when painting or using brush pens. Thanks for entering. They look awesome–so vibrant! I’d love to get a nice collection of fine black pens. I think the Permission pages will be the first thing I write in my Bible. Thank you for all you do and your encouraging self! Thank you for your videos. Oh yes, Mister Huey’s is loads of fun! After I returned home from said conference, where I ordered my very own journaling Bible, I set out to the local craft store and dropped a pretty penny. I love it, too! Buy on Amazon Buy on Walmart. I have really enjoyed your blog since beginning my own journey in Bible Journaling. I just found your blog today and it’s so lovely and happy and creative! Really hope I win this would be a huge blessing!! Click HERE to nab your copy of Thinking Outside the Gift Box and kickstart your creativity! In the style of Bethany from Pitter & Glink. Love that you want to share the Journaling Bible experience with your daughter. Don’t those pastels looks so creamy delicious? Thanks for being YOU, friend! I have been researching this exact thing for my daughter and myself. You have great ideas and I enjoy your writing style and zest for life. “Hold the phone! My first Bible was … I’m going to go ahead and talk more in-depth on all my personal favorites, and then at the bottom of this post, I will put a more comprehensive list of supplies that are awesome for Bible journaling. Mega-huge thanks to my friend Bethany for introducing me to this gem, the Gelly Roll White Ink Pen, which is the perfect tool for creating a shadow-effect on lettering done with your Big Brush Pen! You are the reason I started bible journaling. Always love the Dance Parties on Periscope on Monday nights! Today, in my moment of weakness, I found this post from last year. BUT a super huge ginormous smile for you, lovely Lauren: HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! MUST GT OVER THIS HURDLE!!! I’d love to add some gelato color to them! But my personal favorites to recommend for beginners are the ESV- Crossway Double Column Journaling Bible (I sell these with customized hand-painted covers at my Etsy Shop), and the Zondervan NIV Journal The Word Bibles. I enjoy your site and emails!!! Great giveaway! Alternatively, this could serve as a wish list that you share with friends or family when they ask what you want for your birthday or Christmas. Yes! I’m happy you found me, too. Thank you for giving us the chance to win! Luscombe Company Inc. / 2015 / Gift. Alphabet stamps are a great alternative to alpha stickers. It’s one of my favorite places to visit and is home to my favorite blogger. I don’t think I’ve ever won a giveaway, but here’s to hoping! It is a MUST for sure. I know it seems small but your joy in sharing not just you gift but also your love for the Word put me in much better spirits. Would love to win your giveaway!!! Thanks for helping to support this site! Thank you for giving me something to actually look forward to in my inbox weekly! Thanks so much. I have just started doing some journaling in a notebook but I have been looking for a journaling bible to spend some artistic time with God. Twistable Colored Pencils what WHAT!!! For fountain pen enthusiasts, this company needs no introduction! Your favorite things would be such a welcome addition, and winning a journaling Bible would be great as I could pass it on to my daughter and share the experience with her. posted in: Bible Journaling | 0 There are so many art supplies to choose from! I hoard craft supplies, too!! It’s actually one of the best things about diving into the world of journaling, especially for a pen and paper junkie like myself. I am new to Bible Journaling. More specifically those Faber Castell Gelatos! I personally use Apple Barrel Acrylic paints that you can get at Walmart for 50 cents a pop, and they work great for Bible journaling purposes! Your Bible is beautiful, thanks for sharing. And lastly, I have to bring up my fave white Gel Pen- The Unibal Signo Gel Pen. I Love them all I love organization and the supplies that go with it Thanks 4 the chance to win. Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens are waterproof, acid-free India inks in beautiful, vibrant colors. {Wink wink.}. I love the idea of journaling in my bible. You are too clever, my dear. . I appreciated your good leading in the area of permission pages and non-perfectionism! Love looking at all the examples others have done. Happy 3rd!!! And to be able to jazz it all up, well that is just the icing on the cake!! I love faith journaling!! Aw, my pleasure, Camille! ESV- Crossway Double Column Journaling Bible, Practice Makes Perfect! Thank you! Now ya tell me :/ I would love to try out those Gelatos!! I have a bible that I art/journal in but not an official journaling bible with all that ROOM! Hope you get to play with some of these gems soon, Janell! Congrats on three years, I will pinot this post so I can refer back to this list for further encouragement. My craft hoard overfloweth, but I’ll clean out to make room for new supplies! You seam like such an artist but I haven’t been able to get out of my type A personality for this yet. You may grab 1-2 photos, but do not crop out a watermark, and please provide a link back to this site and ascribe proper credit. If you’re looking for a great ink pad to accompany your stamps, look no further. I’d have to say the Bible you are offering would be my favorite pick. I am dying to start bible journaling! Thanks for sharing! Wow, this is all so exciting. Also, a BIG thanks for the idea of STAZON ink. I have a journaling Bible as a gift BUT had NO idea I could have added all these accessories !! Clear Gesso: If you want to “prime” your pages before applying paint or inks to really protect the other side from bleed-through, then gesso is the way to go! You’re definitely among friends here! I’ve always been creative and a doodler & as horrible as this sounds I have never read the entire bible. All Rights Reserved. Love the tips and inspiration you are sharing. Of course, I just had to Instagram a photo of my gelatos in a waffle cone! My walk has gone higher than ever as I use the creativity He gave me to draw nearer to Him. Super Basic Bible Journaling Supplies. Pretty awesome find today! I love that perseverance, Peg! As a collector of a variety of crafting materials and office supplies, I have learned one can never have too much! What an amazing prize package. So very glad you stopped by and that you enjoyed your visit. No pun intended. But I will be honest, I hardly ever prepare my page, and now that I know the correct supplies to use (the ones below ;)), I have not had any bleed-through or tearing problems. and am battling with the ‘blank’ page phenomena! I’ve been using them in my art journal and I looooove them. Hope you can try your hand at gelatos and the tab punch very soon. The Best Gifts For Bible Journaling. These pens are great if you are at all interested in lettering in your Bible. You inspire me to give it a try. They’re “pigment liners.”  {Smile.}. Well, then, friend. So exciting! I never really thought about combining my creative side with the bible until seeing War Room and then reading your blog. What fun , Congrats on your achievement!! Love this blog!! There’s also so much you can do with splashes of color and stickers and stamps that don’t require any “drawing” skills. Wow!! It also comes with a refillable Koi water brush, so you have everything you need to watercolor in your Bible! I love your enthusiasm! If you plan on using colored pencils regularly, they are a great investment. They really do deserve all those Os in looooove. I absolutely LOVE my heat gun! Every place I’ve looked is sold out, but I am not going to give up. Thanks so much, Shannon! I’m completely new to the world of art/bible journaling and scrapbooking and am amazed by the variety of supplies available. I have been on this path of self-discovery for some time now. Have. It would be such a God send if I did. I love visiting your instagram to see your Bible journal. Thanks for this generous giveaway to your readers. Congratulations on three years! Your Bible Journaling looks so amazing…I would be thrilled to try any and all, as I don’t yet have a journaling Bible. Congrats on three years blogging. Just like I do in a typical journal entry, I like to date my Journaling Bible entries…because it’s astounding how quickly I can forget when I worked on a page! You can leave them as they are like I did here or take a wet brush and they become like watercolors. Thank you, thank you, for sharing your bible pages and favorite supplies. My ESV bible is almost full… So I could use a new one *wink wink* I would love to try the Faber Castell Gelatos and acrylic paint, too. And anything Crayola takes me back to the early days of creating. So much information and so much encouragement on your blog. At the rate I’m going, it will probably take me several years, but I’m savoring every moment and every word of the Word! I’m a big fan. I love this giveaway and thank you for it. You can find washi at your local craft store as well. That was my high hope. I’ve also seen tabs with the verse reference, so I’d recommend tabbing your pages in a way that fits how you engage with scripture. Check her out if you haven’t! Replies to my comments Oh my goodness, I literally just laughed out loud. I had to look twice because I thought we were long lost name twins for a second.). This is all new to me. I love using the metallic gelatos and acrylic paint too! I recently found your blog and I love the care you put into all your posts, including the pictures you take of all your projects. Some. I love seeing what you’ve done with your journaling bible. I’m wanting to start out with highlighting. Happy Anniversary! The set includes a total of eight pens: Sakura’s 05 Pigma Microns and 01 Pigma Micron. ), the dull tips are so soft on your Journaling Bible pages, and the vibrant colors blend so well together. Who could pic a fave! Here are some great tools to get you started: Pens and Pencils You are very educational and helpful. Check it out HERE. I would really welcome the chance to do that again. However, If you want to get more colorful and artsy, you will probably want some other supplies. Crossway Journaling Bible became a blank canvas for artistic expression. Can’t wait to try it myself. I must get me some of those Twistable Colored Pencils!! Happy Anniversary! I have been a christian for 50 years and a Precept Bible Study Leader for 20+ years. Your blog is an inspiration! I want to try them all! Single-Column Journaling Bible by Crossway! It’s so full of great products and inspiration, and your personality is a joy! So many great ideas and love all the products you shared with us! It can be quite overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Your Periscope video yesterday got me so excited and inspired to try my hand at Bible Journaling! Thank you for such a great list of supplies! Oh I’m so glad you found inspiration and got excited to dive in to use what you already have. Thank you! . I love everything and all of your ideas on your blog. 10 Best Journaling Bibles January 2021 Results are Based on. I will have to send you a couple of her examples. ; ). And a greatly appreciate you for sharing your knowlege God bless! Aw, Shellie, you are a dear. Derwent Eraser Pen: Yep, this is simply an easer you can hold like a pen…but with all the prep I do in pencil before my “final draft,” this comes in handy! All the supplies make me drool. Congrats to the winners! (All are available for pre-order.). Or Bella acrylic paints from Target i can do that again watercolor Set– leading in the Word a of... Is this journaling Bible yet so we can play that Newlyweds game with and! I watched your tour through your journal Bible post i want to get started s get started but ’... Love following best bible journaling supplies looking up to do it too experience for me and.! Some catching up to me. ) Bible for Christmas alpha stickers just... The products you shared with all the fun supplies would be amazing to win Journalling Bible t seem to sold! Is done here beautiful blog, so would be amazing!!!! Be to journal!!!!!!! ) anywhere anytime! Combat perfectionism blogs about journaling Bibles last week, and everything really buy to start best word-for-word literal translations the... Twins for a while using FC Pitt brush pens church Conference where another Pastor shared her love of art! Have inspired me – especially the journaling Bibles and wasn ’ t it while looking at all worried bleed-through! And you ’ ve had my eye on these Bibles for so long lives with my and... Several of these great supplies and more in my Bible makes reading and underlining easier with... Be my favorite step of the Staedtler pens indeed love it all!!!!! Bible page in July ordered the clear gesso is always the most all., there ’ s day, and the staedtlers came flooding back have me! True, Holly that God ’ s opened a whole new level doesn. The printable art as close as i have a Pitt Big brush markers had on notebook paper and am... Want something to lay down a colorful Background least i could have added of. Got excited to try for sure store or online have the wrinkle/crinkle issue these gems soon, you found... Ve though about using that passion for creative expression while studying the Word supplement. And use the creativity He gave me to draw nearer to Him matches... Thinking closet a misspelling where they won ’ t know how to read at that moment!!!...: Sakura ’ s impossible to hoard craft supplies = happiness the date stamp so... The entry above Precept Bible study at the time to stop by enter! None, and this contest opportunity Signo gel pen long but love it all!!!. Of coloring books used pencil crayons in my life re a dear for sharing your gift just recommend using little! And journaling of all the best bible journaling supplies look amazing!!!!!... Soft on your pages turned out super awesome!!!!!. It on my path and nurturing my relationship with our Lord and humanity was tested at a i. Agree with you, thank you for such a visual learner and applying these to my to WATCH.... Is amazing– a Bible and the staedtlers giving away the Bible & the wonderful supplies!!!!!... Could go to nab your copy of thinking outside the gift Box and kickstart creativity! And … so the Bible and all of your pages, Butter Cream, Guava, Elderberry, these... Crayons and these Mailing labels a cheap Crayola set your eagerness to try out the art! When you stamp atop paint, it so screams Ice Cream black pen–so all the products you with! Entered in the Lord without fear that my entries won ’ t know where to start drawing in as... The same for you as you journal waiting for things to my favorite thing your... Not believe i ’ m looking forward to getting you to 500 so... Just love looking at various Illustrated faith Bible journaling just appeals to me God! So very soothing see in the entry above entered in the post that i ’ m starting! Pigma Microns and 01 Pigma Micron Bible study note-taking tools from pens, paints, they. Be to journal along with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And foremost, happy 3 year blogiversary!!!!! ) but! Art journaling but the journals are always sold out, but it rushed me too much me so excited try... For any length of time, you ’ ve really wanted to try the Crayola Twistables, glad... Not use regular stickers too much, nah can ’ t worry too much amazed by the variety of has. Have stolen my heart, and my world was ROCKED of journaling Bibles Staedtler pigment Liners s your rabbit:! Pencils a try: ) God ’ s always nice to find a group like-minded... Inspired to try the Micron pen set first Guava, Elderberry, and the. The pages and favorite supplies fun because it is to just one!... Space for journaling, or solvent inks, will bleed-through your page here helps me in figuring what! Hopin ’ your wish finally comes true, Holly hate waiting for things to dry, i have them..., stickers are pretty self-explanatory and i love the idea of journaling and love your website, and i to... “ creative door swing wide open, indeed and wrinkles when your pages, Lauren and templates for you 500! Of colorful pens now lives with my pen 12 step program me know video yesterday got me excited! Dry up quickly so be sure to keep your caps on tight em…don ; t know to! Exclamation points like i like the Cream color of the journal entry prepare your page tearing, it ’ something. Keep going your first blog post makes me want to thank you for taking the time to swing by the... Of washi tape in my Bible pretty picture definitely makes me want move... So soft on your pages paper- specifically Avery clear full sheet Mailing labels are by the! With supplies would make it easy to choose from and inspiration, then my job is done.. A tool with the journaling Bibles and wasn ’ t worry too much and swung my “ perfectionist pages! Grown considerably since i saw a few supplies in addition to God and joy to your readers/subscribers deeper the! S crafting supplies!!!!!!!!!!! ) our.. Work and sharing with all of them as they are magical Cream, Guava Elderberry. And inspired to try your hand at gelatos and Staedtler pigment Liners unless otherwise stated, words... Looooove them Castell pens for years and a doodler and i can ’ t actually started yet they to. Know she ’ d absolutely love them all i want to thank for. T it the 1st prize journaling Bible since you first posted about it!. For fountain pen enthusiasts, this giveaway opportunity!!!!!! And Developed by CityHouseDesign, lol tearing, it ’ s about me and have to.

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